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Portable Magnetic Workbench!


MagBench® Workstations were developed to solve an everyday need for a secure easily-accessible place to rest your tools, laptop or tablet computers, meters, and many other items.  The unique Patented design, using Neodymium magnets that provide extremely strong holding power, enable Standard and Utility versions to hold up to 50 pounds or more!

The Standard model opens to three different positions to enable optimum viewing of the screen and keyboard. The Utility version is designed with two large holes for drills, wrenches, and large tools, and six smaller holes to hold screwdrivers and other hand tools. There is also a recessed area in the center to retain screws and other hardware.


Our new Injection Molded models are molded with a High Strength Polycarbonate/ABS plastic blend, and are now lighter and even stronger than the original versions!  Both models have a 12 x 12 inch workspace, and a comfortable handle for easy transportation.


Some typical applications for use are:  Control panels, Electrical panels, Telecom panels, Air Conditioning units, Air compressors, Steel doors, Gang boxes, and many other steel surfaces. The applications are almost endless!  

Whether MagBench® Workstations are used as a temporary solution for service work, a permanent installation in a control panel, or any other application, we know you will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use, as well as the ergonomic design.

With their nearly indestructible designs, MagBench® Workstations will provide years of service.

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