Here are some testimonials about our products.

In my 32 years working in the trades, I have never owned a more useful tool. MagShade provides the protection from the sun and rain that I have been looking for all of these years. Now, I bring my MagShade with me on every outdoor job. What a great product

- Ernie Gonzalez

I’ve been working in the Commercial Air Conditioning trade for over twenty years and I’ve never seen a more useful product than the MagBench Workstation. Whether I’m working on Air Handlers, Air Conditioning units, Chillers, Pumps or Boilers, The MagBench Workstation provides me a place to set my meters, gauges and tools at the right height. I carry it with me on every service call.

- Phil Hariston, HVAC Specialist

As a Pipe Fitter working here in Silicon Valley, I use my MagBench Workstation every day. It’s great for prefab and fit-up on zone control valves and for holding my fittings, flux, and tools. Now I can keep all of these parts and tools at waist level instead of on the floor. I just mount it on the side of my gang box or the side of any mechanical equipment and I’m ready to go to work. It’s a real time saver!

- Greg Kane, Local 393, Pipe Fitter

Working as the Senior Facilities Technician at a large hard drive manufacturing facility, I need to respond to many different service issues on all types of mechanical equipment. Most of the time there isn’t anywhere other than the ground to set my tools and test instruments, which is never a good idea in this environment. The ground can be wet, have high traffic or have dangerous chemicals on it. But now that I have my MagBench Workstation, I can keep all of my tools high and dry and out of harm’s way. I’ve found so many great uses for this product that I wonder how I ever did without it.

- Scott Connally, Senior Facilities Tech

I work on Programmable Logic Controllers for Industrial Control Systems and also many different types of HVAC Control Systems. The biggest problems I always faced when using my laptop to program or edit these controllers in the field, was that there wasn’t anywhere to rest my laptop. Many times I had to cradle my laptop with one arm while trying to type or measure voltage with the other. It was a real everyday problem. Now, with the MagBench Workstation, those problems are gone! I just open the control panel door and place the MagBench on the inside surface and now I have the laptop shelf I always needed. These things work so well I am recommending that the panel shops supply one with every panel as a permanent installation.

- Dave Romero, PLC & HVAC Control Specialist