This kit includes two Positioning Blocks for the Standard model MagBench Workstation and a new Warning label and Positions label.


These Positioning Blocks allow the MagBench Standard model MagBench Workstation to open to three positions:  Horizontal, Partial or Full Incline.  This kit can be used to upgrade your MagBench Standard model with the original rotating legs purchased before August 2021.   


Instructions for ugrading the two-position model (rotating legs) to the new three-position model:


  1. Remove the two leg screws and legs from the MagBench.
  2. Next, press the two positioning blocks in the locations shown on the included positions label for desired incline position.
  3. Apply the included Warning and Positions labels on the back side of the MagBench as shown in the picture below.


*This kit is for upgrade or replacement only.  New MagBench Standard Models purchased after August 2021 include 2 blocks.

MagBench Standard Positioning Blocks

  • Product Description

    Included in Kit:

    • 2 Positioning Blocks
    • Warning Label Sticker
    • Positioning Label Sicker