Introducing Our New Product: MagShade

19 March, 2014

We are proud to introduce our latest new product to be included in the MagBench product line: MagShade, the world’s first foldable magnetic sun shade. MagShade installs in seconds on any steel surface and provides protection from rain, wind and the sun’s harmful UV rays for you and your tools. MagShade can be shaped to suit any application from a simple arch above your work area, to a square surrounding your MagBench®, to a vertical arch for side protection from the wind or sun. We offer two models of the MagShade; our 16-inch model designed for use with our MagBench® Workstation to protect your tools and laptop, and our 24-inch version for personal protection in all outdoor applications. Made from very light weight corrugated plastic, the MagShade folds neatly for easy transportation and storage and will provide years of protection.


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