About Us

Steve Fisher and Darlene Lynch


Steve Fisher, Owner & CEO

From a very young age, Steve has been an inventor and entrepreneurial by nature. His portfolio includes over 20 original inventions. He is solely responsible for the concept, design and engineering, prototyping, and production of finished products. Four of his product lines have been brought to market. His idea for this product line originated while working in his other business designing and installing building automation systems. He saw the need for these products to enable service techs to be more efficient and professional on the jobsite.

Darlene Lynch, COO

Born and raised in the Bay Area, the entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in her. She has a BS degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She has a MA in Interdisciplinary Education. She taught for seven years as a first grade teacher at a top performing public school in Sunnyvale, CA. During that time, she also worked with her computer engineer sister to develop an educational app that sells on Google Play and iTunes. With her business education, experience working in a law firm, and organizational expertise, she has helped her dad, Steve Fisher, start this business.