Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some great questions we have received from our customers about our MagBench Workstations. If you have a qusetion that is not addressed here, please contact and we will get an answer back to you in a snap!  Thanks for visiting Magbench!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Standard/Utility versions can typically support up to 20 lbs. and even up to 50 lbs. on 10 gauge steel. There are different factors that affect the weight that both models can support and they are listed in the next section.

MagBench Workstations use Rare Earth Neodymium Cup Magnets which are very powerful for their size.  The magnetic attraction and related magnetic holding power is dependent on several factors such as the thickness of the steel surface (thicker is better), whether the steel surface is porous or painted, and whether the surface is wet or has any wax, grease, or oil residue.  Because of these variables, it’s always a good idea to test the actual support strength of the MagBench Workstation each time before use.

MagBench Workstations, when used as intended, will not harm electronics, tablets, or laptops.  The Cup Magnet design directs almost all of the magnetic field toward the back of the Workstation and away from any devices placed on the front fold-down panel.  When transporting or storing the MagBench Workstation, it is recommended that it be kept in the travel bag and separate from these devices because it is never a good idea to place electronics or a laptop directly on top of very strong magnets.  Modern laptop hard drives are very well protected and actually contain powerfull neodymium magnets internally.  Below are two links to articles on this subject about magnets and hard drives.,2817,2407192,00.asp

Yes, MagBench Workstations are designed for indoor and outdoor use.  The stainless steel hinge, screws, and marine-rated plastic are corrosion resistant and UV-protected.  However, the Cup Magnets have a steel enclosure, to enhance the magnetic field, which should be dried off if it becomes wet after use in the rain.

When installed and removed as directed, the magnets should not scratch most surfaces.  If installing or using the MagBench Workstation on a delicate surface, it is recommended that a single layer of vinyl tape be applied over the magnet face before mounting the Workstation.  Please note that this will reduce the magnetic attachment slightly and this should be tested before use.

We are proud to say our MagBench Workstations are made in America, right here in Los Gatos, California, also known as Silicon Valley.

When our MagBench products are used as intended, there are only a few rules that should be followed:

-Use caution and keep fingers clear when attaching the MagBench to a steel surface to avoid pinching.

-If you have a pacemaker, implantable defibrillator, or other electronic medical device, keep the magnets at the medical device manufacturer’s recommended safe distance.

-Attach the MagBench slowly to avoid fracturing the magnets which could produce splinters.

-Use these products only as intended and keep away from children.

-Rare-earth magnets should not be burned.  These magnets can ignite and burn at high intensity.  These magnets should not be drilled or machined.  Drilling and machining may produce metal powder which is flammable and may cause high heat to develop resulting in ignition.  The magnets may shatter and break when drilled or machined.

-Do not allow the face of the magnets to come into direct contact with the bottom of a laptop.