Frequently Asked Questions

The Fish n’ Pullhas a Neodymium magnet that has a 40 pound pull force and the 2-inch MagRing has a Neodymium magnet that has a 200 pound pull force.

Yes: When working on insulated walls, ceilings, or floors, push the insulation back when inserting the Magnetic Fish to position it in front of the insulation and secure tightly against the surface with the MagRing. The Fish n’ Pullwill tunnel right under the insulation when pulled with the MagRing.

Yes, the Fish n’ Pull works with all types of wall, ceiling, and floor construction. The Magnetic Fish is magnetic and will attract to any steel surface, so on steel framed construction, just compress the plastic tube guide against the Magnetic Fish to push it past the top plate and, using the MagRing, pull it to your desired location. If the Magnetic Fish sticks to the side of a vertical steel wall stud, just pull it free and use the MagRing to keep it clear of any steel framing or electrical boxes.

When used as directed, the MagRing should not scratch most surfaces.  On sensitive surfaces, attach the surface protection cap included in the kit on the MagRing face and this will reduce the possibility of scratching.

When using the Fish n’ Pull and MagRing to run a pull string for wiring in a home or office, care should be taken to avoid close contact with sensitive electronic devices and any live network cables. When transporting or storing the Fish n’ Pull kit, it is recommended that the protective cap be kept on the MagRing and separate from these devices because it is never a good idea to place electronics or a laptop directly on top of very strong magnets.

We are proud to say that the Fish n’ Pull Kits were designed, engineered and are assembled in America, in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.

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