Introducing MagFish
MagFish, the world’s simplest and fastest way to fish wire, cables, and tubing through walls, ceilings, and even floors!  The MagFish kit provides the right tools to get the job done fast,... Read More ›

MagRing, now in three sizes!
Introducing MagRing, the magnetic mounting ring. MagRing attaches instantly to any steel surface and provides a quick and easy solution for many applications. All three models have a powerful... Read More ›

MagShade, the world’s first foldable magnetic sun shade
MagShade installs in seconds on any steel surface to provide protection from rain, wind, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Read More ›

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers on some of the most common questions about the MagBench such as how much weight they can support, what kind of magnets are used, additional accessories and many other important questions. Read More ›